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How to choose best hosting provider for your website?


As we know we do have a lot of hosting companies present nowadays with attractive monthly or yearly plans.how you will know which is the best-hosting provider.It is very hard to decide which one will be best for you. After using approx more then 50 web hosting providers we are hoping to write about best-hosting provider.We will also let you know what kind of features you will receive in each and every company along with it’s best price.

Top Hosting Providers in 2020


Bluehost is the most trusted and good performing hosting provider for all kinds of websites like for blog, Enterprise, eCommerce, travel, etc.

1️⃣Shared hosting starting at $2.95/mo.
2️⃣WordPress hosting starting at $2.95/mo.
3️⃣VPS hosting starting at $18.99/mo.
4️⃣Dedicated hosting starting at $79.99/mo.

Digiarticles-Bluehost review

The best advantage of Bluehost is whenever you will signup for a hosting plan you can get a domain free of Cost along with an SSL certificate. This is the best hosting company for WordPress users also. As we know most of the work is being done by WordPress so that if you are planning to set up a blog you can also use this.

Apart from this Blue host is also offering a Backup facility for your content as well as 24X7 customer support.If you are facing issues while setting up your webpage then their executives are always available for you.It is also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Hostinger is the second one most trusted and mostly being using hosting company.It offers Plans like –

1️⃣ Shared hosting starting at $0.99/mo.
2️⃣WordPress hosting starting at $0.99/mo.
3️⃣VPS hosting starting at $3.95/mo.
4️⃣Cloud hosting starting at $9.99/mo.

Digiarticles-Hostinger review

Hostinger is also one of the best hosting providers. The best benefit with hostinger is that it is offering free plan also means that if you would like to host a single website then you just have to pay for the domain and can opt for free hosting. It is also offering a free domain name along with it’s all kind of paid plan and SSL will also be provided Free of Cost.

Talking about the customer support that is available but upon request means that only chatbot is available right now through which you can ask for informing them for any kind of query or problem after that they will arrange a call back for you if that will require.


Hostgator is the 3rd one and best hosting provider who offers their price at a nominal price.

1️⃣ Shared hosting starting at INR 99/mo.
2️⃣WordPress hosting starting at INR 249/mo.
3️⃣VPS hosting starting at INR 1199/mo.
4️⃣Cloud hosting starting at INR 479/mo.

Digiarticles-Hostgator review

Hostgator is also one of the cheap and best hosting provider.It’s starter plan starts with alow price INR 99/mo ($1.40) but with this plan everything is paid like domain ,SSL etc.But you would go for it’s Baby plan that starts with INR 499/mo.This plan offers you unlimited bandwidth with unlimited domain hosting along with SSL. With this plan, you can host unlimited number of websites and also can make unlimited business emails.

GoDaddy Webhosting

Godaddy is also rated 4/5 as per customer review but hosting experience with this company was average.

1️⃣ Economy starting at $5.99/mo.
2️⃣GoDaddy Deluxe starting at $7.99/mo
3️⃣GoDaddy Ultimate starting 12.99/mo

Digiarticles-Godaddy review

Godaddy is also offering a number of plans but it’s the cheapest hosting starts at $2.49/mo.The best benefit of this hosting provider is that ” It’s customer support ” which is totally awesome. Go daddy offers there toll-free number under which you can talk with a real person and can fix the issues over the phone.Might be sometime a less knowledgeable person can take your call but most of the cases you will get a good customer support.

The Demerit with GoDaddy is that first-year prices are normal but after the ending of your subscription, the renewal charges are very high approximately double.

1 & 1 ions Webhosting

If you are looking for premium domain or hosting at low prices then 1&1 is best for you.

1️⃣ Shared hosting starting at $1/mo.
2️⃣WordPress hosting starting at $1/mo.
3️⃣VPS hosting starting at $2/mo

Digiarticles-1&1 review

1 & 1 is the best hosting provider who offers their services starting from $1.Also talking about the premium domains which are high in price at GoDaddy you can find here less price or some time at a regular price as per the situation.It also offers better customer support along with it is very easy to install but the problem with this hosting provider is regarding storage only.


In the year 2020, you can go any of the above hosting providers. these hosting providers are not only best in India these are best hosting provider all over the world. You can go for any plan but i personally recommend you to go for Deluxe plan or plan who offering the facility to host an unlimited number of Domain. You can signup for the newsletter so that we can provide you a notification about the cyber sell in which you can opt for Business hosting plans starting from $1 or less.

Summary for All other web hosting


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