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As we know nowadays E-commerce business is one of the best business in the entire world. Many of us wich to start a E-commerce business but due to lack of knowledge they don’t want to run this business. In this article we will cover Establishment of E-commerce business from the stretch.Before starting we would like to talk about some important questions regarding this business.Like – Company registration is required or not?How to ship products? How to Pack Products?How to choose courier?Etc.Is it necessary to register a Firm or Company to start an E-commerce Business?

1. Is it necessary to register a firm or Private limited company to start a E-commerce business?

Ans – No, You can start an E-commerce website without registering a company as well but you would not able to get all benefits.Also for smaller transaction or turnover, it is not necessary to register a firm.Once your sales goes high then you can register a firm and use current account.

2.How to accept payment as Cash On Delivery (COD)?

Ans- This is not a big deal to run your business with Cash on delivery feature. It all depends on the courier partners. You just have to ship the products and then the cash will be collected by the courier partners and then they will remit the money to your bank account.

3.Can i ship product from multiple location?

Ans – Yes, You can ship products from multiple locations as well. Once you will start using the dashboard of any kind of courier there you can find options.

4.How much will be the courier charges in prepaid as well as in COD?

Ans – In straight forward if you are going to ship an item as prepaid ( payment already paid ) It will cost to you 35 – 55 INR depend upon Citi and If you are doing COD (Cash On delivery) it will cost to you near about 85 to 105 INR at starting time.It is more as compare to prepaid because there is 30 to 40 INR cash handling charges added.

Start an E-commerce Business –

Before starting any kind of business we must have to do some research regarding the products which we have to sell. It will vary as per the location because in different locations product demand is totally different. Once getting a particular niche we must have to think about the brand name.

Step 1 – Finding a good domain name or your Online store name.

Step 2 – Build your website and manage your inventory.

After finalizing the online store name you need to develop a website. In order to develop a website for any kind of e-commerce you can ask with us, we will do it at a reasonable price. You can also make a website at your own by using any kind of Website builder,Wordpress or through Platforms like Wix, Shopify etc.

Step 3 – Advertisement for your website

As you know once your website will be setup it will not be easily visible to users or you can say no one knows about your website or brand.In this situation, you need to do branding .For that you can run different type of advertisement campaigns like Google Ads , Facebook and Instagram ads even nowadays Tik-Tok ads are also working good. Apart from this if you have no idea about running ads then you can hire someone for running ads.Might be you are not interested for running ads then you can ask with influencers. They can help you at a good level at less price.

In the starting time we must suggest you register your product with top E-commerce websites like Flipkart,Amazon etc so that you can get maximum number of sales and revenue. Once your website will be boosted up then you can De-register.

Step 4 – Journey for getting first sale

If you are going to use an ads campaign then your first sale will depend on how much effort you had putten for creating ads. It will also depend upon the targeted audience. Means that if you are going to show your ads to the much more person who is interested in your product then you will get a number of sales.we can understand this with an example –

Think you are looking forward to sell gym Equipmets then you need to ask with the person who is going to the gym, who is conscious about their health ,Who has a craze of body building etc.If you are going to ask someone randomly to purchase that item then your effort will be totally waste.On online marketing, we have to follow the same scenario.we have to show our products to the related people who is likely to buy so that we can get more and more orders.In the next post we will describe how to find targeted audience for your product so that you could get maximum conversions.

Step 5- Shipping of Product / Finding courier partners

yeah, After getting your First sale it is necessary to send the product to that customer in the desired time frame. If the received order is prepaid means that payment has already been done by the customer then you can simply pack and ship the item through any courier or you can use speed post as well.But what if the order is at Cash on delivery.In this situation, you can use a third-party service like shiprocket or shiplite , etc and then you can ship the product. over there you can find a number of the courier partners and you can choose any one of them.

Do remember as per my experience might be you placed an order pickup request and the courier executive didn’t called you to pick up the product then you have to wait for one more day because it is difficult for courier guys to add a new slot in there busy schedule.

Step 5 – Accepting payment online –

You can accept the pre-payment at your website by using many payment gateways like PayTm, Razorpay , Payumoney etc. If you had not registered a firm then you can signup as an individual also, at your starting time.

Key Features required for a successful E-commerce Website –

  • Sell worthy items only.
  • Always keep tracking the orders if you will face any issue then contact the customer and courier company and fix the issue
  • Work regular onto NDR or the orders which were not delivered at the first attempt.
  • Try to Offer Combo so that you can reduce advertisement costs.


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