Curveit TPE MUDRA Yoga Mat for Women & Men

The Curveit is one of the best yoga mat for both men and women.As this mat is made up with high quality fabric and having length 6 feet and wide upto 2 feet which makes me feel comfortable for any kind of person.

­čö╣THICK TPE MUDRA YOGA MAT: This curveit TPE yoga mat is made up of TPE which is good for your nees and other joints.

­čö╣EXTRA LONG & WIDE MAT: Curveit tpe mudra yoga mat is 6 feet long and 2 feet wide.which is good for any kind of person.
­čö╣GRIP FOR NON- SLIPPERINESS: body joints to relax, relieve of stress for your overall fitness and flexibility.

­čö╣DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND THE SWEATIEST OF SESSION: It is made up of highly good fabric which cannot be tear.
­čö╣ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: This mat is made with high-quality foams.


Anti Slip Cushioning Design –

One of the best yoga mat is Curveit Mudra Yoga mat.It has two anti-slip surfaces. The earth-facing surface gives a great grip on the floor and the top surface gives you a firm hold while performing the asanas. 6 MM of thickness gives proper cushioning to your knees and elbows helping you avoid any sort of pain.

Convenient Size –

As we had already discussed.It has a standard Size which has 6 feet hight and 2 feet wide.

Easy to Clean –

It is very easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to clean the mat and then let it dry in the shade.

As you know yoga mat is a very essential product to keep your health maintained. Apart from this less priced is also available in the market which you can check out by clicking here.I hope this guide will help you to choose this yoga mat for your daily usage. If you face any issue while buying or you need any further details then you can contact us as well.




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